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Become the best you can be

Alpihome isn’t just another network of estate agents ; it has been conceived on the principle of mutualising the resources of independent agents.

Our experience and belief is that the most important people in a property business are not the managers, IT or marketing men, but those who are on the ground face to face with clients and vendors every day.

Alpihome’s commission and marketing system has been designed to be the most attractive in the market. We provide you with total control on your sales activity, whilst giving you access to the best technology and very advantageous prices on all the advertising tools that you need.

The essence of our company is to give you total freedom and responsibility in your actions and to support your efforts. At alpihome you do not work for an organisation. You work for yourself, with some added advantages :

  • Legal assistance to help you start with us
  • Some of the most advance IT solutions in the market
  • Attractive prices on advertising tools and material (internet, sales documentation, etc)
  • Free provision of communication suports (internet ads, Google campaigns, press ads).

And better still :

  • Financial support to start you business if necessary

We only work with acknowledged professionals in the Rhône-Alpes region who want their independence and who wish that their competence and performance be properly rewarded. If you fit this profile we would like to hear from you.

Because you’re not just anybody, and neither are we.

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